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Handmade & Hands-On: How Lush is reinvigorating the store experience

Since 1995, Lush has been a trailblazer in the cosmetics industry: from inventing bath bombs and creating new, innovative products to fighting animal testing and ethical campaigning. Today, there are 269 Lush shops in North America all supported by head offices, factories, and distribution facilities in Vancouver and Toronto.

With a massive global reach and platform, Lush has created a strong following of customer advocates eager to engage with their brand. At the same time, the retailer recently took a controversial stance on social media by deactivating their global accounts, limiting the ways Lush can engage with their customer community.

The innovative solution? Lush Parties – a truly handmade, hands-on way for customers to interact with the Lush brand in-store, and for individual shops to grow their community influence and business.

In this session, our speakers will share:

  • How parties are helping Lush stores grow sales, build community, and drive associate engagement
  • The strategies Lush used to ensure their shop employees were properly trained to interact with customers in this new, innovative way
  • How Lush was able to keep associates abreast of new post-Covid safety protocols
  • How Lush HQ teams leverage engaging, timely communication to align their fleet behind this company priority