User Data Request Policy

Requesting User Data from Retail Zipline

Last updated Sept 26, 2015

Retail Zipline would like to share with our user community, as well as those who may be contemplating asking Retail Zipline to disclose user data, our policies on responding to such requests:

Because Retail Zipline is a service provider to other businesses, requests for user data should be referred in the first instance to an organization owner or administrator. If you send a data request to Retail Zipline and the data is accessible to the organization or user, we will start by forwarding your request so it’s best to start there first.

Retail Zipline provides prior notice to impacted organization owners, administrators, or, where appropriate, individual members, when legal process is received in criminal or civil matters and such disclosure is not specifically prohibited by law or where Retail Zipline determines in its sole discretion that providing notice could create a risk of harm to specific people, to children or to Retail Zipline’s rights and property interests including the security of its network.

Retail Zipline requires that any individual issuing legal process to Retail Zipline properly domesticate the process and serve Retail Zipline in a jurisdiction where it is resident or has a registered agent to accept service on its behalf.

Retail Zipline does not accept legal process directly from law enforcement entities outside the U.S. or Canada. Foreign law enforcement agencies should proceed through a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty or other diplomatic or legal means to obtain data through a court where Retail Zipline is located. Retail Zipline responds to legal process in a manner consistent with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. §§2501 et seq., and relevant case law. Retail Zipline does not disclose account content absent a search warrant in criminal cases. In civil cases, Retail Zipline cannot disclose content without sufficient legal process and the consent of the appropriate Retail Zipline customer(s).

Organization owners and administrators have flexibility to configure the communication retention options for their organizations. These settings govern the vast majority of data collected by Retail Zipline. For more information on the types of data that Retail Zipline collects and for how long such data is retained, please see: https://getzipline.com/privacy-policy

Content removal requests should be directed to organization owners or administrators. As described in Retail Zipline’s Terms and Conditions, there are certain limitations on the appropriate use of Retail Zipline and Retail Zipline reserves the right to remove content that violates its policies. However, these decisions are better made in most cases by the organization owners rather than Retail Zipline. Retail Zipline does remove images involving sexual exploitation of children and report such images to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Retail Zipline publishes a Transparency Report summarizing user data requests and content take down requests.