Thanks for a great show @ NRF FOMO

🔮 Technology experts weigh in on industry trends for the year ahead

When you walk the show floor of NRF, you can meet dozens of technology vendors in a single day. In this session, we replicated that experience by having leading retail technology companies share a trend or important theme in 2022 and share why their solution hits the mark. (This way attendees can walk the whole expo floor without the blisters 👣


👀 A Look BACK at NRF and What it Tells Us About the Year AHEAD

Jerry Sheldon, VP of Technology, IHL Services, who has attended NRF for nearly three decades, didn’t let the pandemic stop him from attending this year, too. Jerry walked the floor and attended sessions, taking copious mental notes about what’s new and exciting and he joined us to share his learnings.


🎁 NRF 2022 is officially a wrap

We loved the virtual speed networking, topical roundtables, and getting to hear from the voices who are shaping retail’s future. Retail employees everywhere are dealing with a lot right now: health and safety mandates, new technology, higher customer expectations, and more. It’s exciting… and exhausting. That’s why all of us at Zipline are proud to support retailers by providing resources to trailblazing brands that are innovating the future at maximum scale.


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