Single Source of Truth

Banish binders,
eliminate email

Zipline brings all of your stores’ messages and tasks together in a single digital platform and creates personalized daily checklists, calendars and email newsletters that can be updated in real time.

Conflicting messaging is a big problem in retail communication: Intranet posts, back room binders, emails, text message threads… when stuff updates, are your people looking at the right thing? Zipline brings all of your stores’ messages and tasks together, and then serves them up as personalized and targeted daily checklists, calendars, email newsletters, and more, that are updated in real time.

Task Management & Communications
Day Sheet
Email Digest

“Zipline is the linch-pin for all our communications – everything passes through there. There’s no ambiguity; if it’s on Zipline it’s official and if it’s not, it’s not. It is a solid record of what we did and when, and how we had it done.”

Elliott Perceval, Sr. Operations Manager at

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A conversation with Fjällräven North America's Director of Brand Stores, Sarah Tava

Retail Zipline CEO and Co-Founder Melissa Wong chats with with Fjällräven North America's Director of Stores, Sarah Tava about communicating to stores in the midst of a pandemic, opening a new flagship store virtually, driving sustainability as a company, and more!

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