Innovate Operations:

The Four Keys to Selecting a Task and Communications Platform

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This guide features the four keys to choosing an operations platform that can enhance your IT stack, grow revenue, and create happier employees and customers.

IT leaders of the future are driving digital transformation from the inside out. Leaders like you are responsible for delivering technical business solutions that drive strategy, grow revenue, and cut costs, all while seamlessly integrating data between systems within the organization’s tech stack…

Spearheading the infrastructure of retail organizations and evolving your solutions to provide the tools for operational excellence is no small task. That’s why we put together this guide, featuring crucial pieces to consider when choosing the right operations platform for your IT stack.

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  • Four key considerations for selecting a task and comms platform that fits the needs of your organization
  • What agile retail organizations did when a ransomware attack took down UKG (Kronos)
  • How Zipline a leader in SaaS, utilizes deep understanding of retail technology to support the fleets of the most successful retailers