Zipline customer referral program

Know someone who would love Zipline?

Introduce them to the best operational excellence platform on the market and help create the best customer community in the industry!

Want to share information with your referral before submitting them to get the conversation started? Download and share this 1-pager.

Why refer a retail brand to Zipline?

  1. Referrals = Rewards for both you AND your company
  2. Each new brand brings a new perspective and new ideas to the community
  3. As Zipline grows its customer base, we can continue to innovate and make it easier for millions of retail employees to get their jobs done every day

What’s in it for me?

  1. For each referral that leads to a conversation, we will reward you with a $100 gift card, if your company allows you to accept corporate gifts. Or, we can submit a donation to your charity of choice if you prefer
  2. For each referral that leads to a closed deal, your company will receive a credit of $5k to $40k, based on the size of the referred brand