Zipline Alumni Referral Program

Did you use and love Zipline at a past company?

Help us create the best customer community in retail by referring Zipline to your new company and to your peers!

Want to share information with your referral before submitting them to get the conversation started? Download and share this 1-pager.

Why refer a retail brand to Zipline?

  1. Referrals = Rewards for you
  2. Bring Zipline back into your life by bringing Zipline to your current company
  3. Help support a company that deeply cares about retail so we can continue to innovate and make it easier for millions of retail employees to get their jobs done every day

What’s in it for me?

  1. For each referral that leads to a conversation, we will reward you with a $100 gift card from the Zipline Customer of your choice and a Zipline Yeti mug
  2. For each referral that leads to a closed deal, you will receive a $500 gift card to shop with the Zipline Customer of your choice
  3. Alternatively, we can submit a donation to your charity of choice in both cases above