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Streamline training and increase employee engagement

Training content is served up to associates on the sales floor, when they need it. User-friendly and in the palm of their hand, it’s the easiest way to put new knowledge to work.

Gone are the days of hours-long training in a store’s back room, where associates sit in front of a computer and try to then retain vast amounts of product knowledge. Zipline supports a “just-in-time” learning environment, where training content can be served up to associates right on the sales floor in the palm of their hand. Zipline’s intuitive, user-friendly interface is easy for anyone in your organization to use.

Task Management & Communications
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"I cannot put into words how much the store teams and our Store Ops team LOVES Zipline. It's made a massive impact."

Kristy Ribble, Director Store Operations at

Understanding the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ keeps associates engaged and gives their work meaning, which ups performance

Sephora Enhances Employee Communications During COVID and Beyond

In May 2020, Sephora partnered with Zipline to maintain necessary team communications during nationwide store closures due to COVID-19. Sephora’s headquarters and District Managers needed to keep field teams engaged, empowered and informed in order to set them up for success in preparation for reopening — and all this had to happen while everyone was working remotely.

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