Future Stores 2023 – Zipline and Lush

Lush North America has been creating fresh and handmade cosmetics for the past 20 years – keeping customers’ bathtubs and showers a little more magical through their more than 260 retail shops across Canada and the US. As an employer, Lush is known for its “fun and funky” store atmosphere where individualism is encouraged and team members can grow fulfilling careers in an entrepreneurial way. The result is an unforgettable and immersive store experience that keeps customers coming back again and again.

In this session, Jessi Kaupi, Lush’s Head of Retail, and Carmen Ip, Lush’s Manager of Communications and Operations, share:

  • Lush’s philosophy on employee engagement and empowerment
  • How better communication helps Lush stores grow sales, build community, and drive associate retention
  • The strategies Lush uses to ensure their shop employees are properly trained to interact with customers in an authentic way
  • How Lush uses communication to align their organization behind their brand vision