LEGO Communications Exercise

Communication is effective when it’s clear, concise, and actionable.

We’ve seen a trend with great experiences

From our research, the leading cause of waste, mistakes and poor client and employee experience is due to poor communication strategies. This exercise is designed to help your teams understand this better.

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The Goal

It can be hard to show the impact and value of store communications. This exercise will help participants understand that communication can be interpreted in many ways and driving consistent brand execution requires a thoughtful approach, good process and clear directions.

Step 1

Share the duck kits with each teammate

We recommend to wait to open the packages all together as a group.

Step 2

In 45 seconds, build a duck with the kit

Using the provided pieces, each person should build a duck to the best of their ability.


You probably have some different ducks

It’s likely that everyone came up with their own unique design. While supporting individual creativity is great, it’s not ideal for building a cohesive strategy across distributed teams.

Let’s take apart the duck and try another way.

Step 3

Build again using the same instructions

Referencing the instructions, each person should rebuild their duck.


Clear communication makes a difference

  • Creativity is great — but what if our goal is consistent execution?
  • Look how at the number of outcomes with a group this small; now imagine how it would go with 100 or 1000 people?
  • Just “sending out a message” won’t help us achieve our specific goals; what and how we communicate matters.
  • It’s the same with principle with dispersed teams — if we don’t communicate correctly, they’ll fill in the gaps on their own and we won’t have consistent brand execution.

Before Zipline

Too many places to go for information and poor search functionality

Limited ability to drill down to see information for a specific store or district

Teams spent hundreds of hours finding, reading, delegating and editing messages

Limited in how they engaged with pictures and videos

Previous tools weren’t intuitive and didn’t keep track of work

There was a lack of support and visibility into tasks

After Zipline

All information is centralized into a one-stop-shop

Information to teams is targeted and personalized

Teams finally have a way to cut through the clutter and keep track of work

Teams are engaged with technology that doesn’t require training

Teams have a way to plan ahead and see the work ahead

Communication includes image and integrated videos

Leaders and associates enjoy a simple mobile-first solution

Entire company has a friendly way to ensure accountability

At LEGO, we’re really good at communicating through our building instructions. Zipline has become our stores’ building instructions.

Michael Cass
Senior Store Communications Manager, LEGO

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