Streamlining Store Communications

From the C-Suite to the Store

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Emily Lane

Head of Content


Pam Riker

Data and Analytics Leader

L.L. Flooring

As omni-channel retail continues to build momentum, retailers have to provide a distinctive but consistent experience to get consumers to their stores, make them comfortable, and encourage purchases.

At Zipline, we’re best to represent some of the best innovators in the retail business. And at Virtual Future Stores, representing one of those brands, was Pam Riker, the VP of Store Operations and Support at LL Flooring. Pam manages everything from store budget, event management, and anything the company wants to implement across their 400+ stores in North America.

Zipline’s Head of Content, Emily Lane, sat down with Pam to explore how Pam engages the fleet through communications, from HQ all the way to front-line employees.