Empower Your Associates with Zipline

Zipline is the all-in-one field operations platform that powers the world’s largest and most innovative brands. By giving employees the information they need to execute to brand standards, Zipline streamlines a frontline employee’s daily work and brings them closer to their company’s vision, driving efficiency and execution across all locations.

Every frontline deserves a Zipline

Zipline takes the barrage of messages and tasks that retail workers are bombarded with and makes them succinct, digestible and actionable. The right people get the right information at the right time.

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“Zipline empowers people with information in the easiest way possible. Wonderfully simple, yet elegant at the same time – and it works!”

– Elliot Percival, Operations Coordinator, TOMS

Hear our story from Zipline’s CEO Melissa Wong

Easy to adopt

Easy to use

Easy to execute

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PrīmX is at the forefront of concrete innovation. The company licenses its technology to partners across North America and, in order to ensure the highest quality installation, provides guidelines and communication around how the product should be placed.

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