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Retooling Retail

Enterprise communication at the speed of retail

Enterprise retailers are unique. That’s why we built Zipline with the realities of your business in mind. Give your frontline employees the right information at the right time, in the right way, so they can be agile, responsive and pivot at a moment’s notice. Your teams - and your customers - will thank you.

Improve, innovate, and inspire — faster

In retail, innovation can’t just exist inside the minds of the C-suite. Your biggest revenue-driving ideas only matter if they’re correctly executed out in stores.

As a retail executive, Zipline enables you to:

  • Understand exactly what’s getting done in your stores.
  • Connect every frontline employee to your vision through communication and context, so they can better prioritize and plan.
  • Empower your Upper Field Leaders to take action before issues in stores impact your bottom line.

Transform your day-to-day operations

As a retail manager, Zipline gives you:

  • Unprecedented visibility into what your store teams are actually reading and doing – no plane ticket necessary.
  • A one-stop-shop for field-facing communication and tasks in the palm of your hands.
  • Relief from the unrelenting barrage of emails, phone calls, and paperwork – all wrapped up in an easy-to-adopt platform that feels like consumer tech, not enterprise software.

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