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Zipline and Retail Pharmacy

Retail task management software for retail pharmacy

You’re reinventing the way people take charge of their health care. It’s time to reinvent your store communication, too.

“We chose Zipline because of their ability to ensure our store teams have access to the resources necessary to deliver outstanding customer service.”

Brian Wehrle, Director of Store Experience at
Rite Aid

At Zipline, we know that retail pharmacies are more than just stores: They’re the heart of local communities. Every day, your frontline employees deliver trusted care, essential products, and vital prescriptions to millions of people worldwide, guiding them on the path to better health. To be successful, your employees need access to real-time resources, directives, training documents and policies at their fingertips.

Automate your teams’ administrative tasks.

Zipline organizes action-items in real-time, freeing up associates and pharmacists from the administrative headache of tracking to-dos and giving them time back to engage with customers.

Track compliance in real-time.

Zipline’s readership and task tracking gives your HQ and field leaders the power to quickly communicate rapidly changing (and localized) health and safety directives, then track their successful completion.

Empower your stores to evolve.

You’re focused on delivering innovative health solutions for customers, digitizing your company’s offerings, and modernizing your in-store experience. Zipline’s Resource Library provides pharmacists and associates a one-stop-shop to easily access multimedia education, training videos, and all information necessary for the rollout of these new critical initiatives.

The world of retail pharmacy is changing fast. Today’s customers don’t just expect well-stocked shelves. They expect convenience, speed, value and personalized engagement. We empower your frontline teams to combine authentic customer service with the latest technology.


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