In Zipline’s early days most of our business growth came from word of mouth. By continuing to exceed customer expectations the word grew and has catapulted us into the organization we are today. We believe this is a direct reflection of Zipline’s vision and mission:

To streamline and simplify store communications and operations. We want to make retail easier to work in. We’re solving the problem of inefficient retail communication systems through a streamlined tool that brings clarity, accountability and trust back to the retail conversation.

It is not surprising that now, having been embraced by the retail market, the feedback we get most from our customers often sounds something like, “wow, you really understand us and what we do!” This sentiment is what has made us stand out in the market and is the foundation of our success.

Zipline understands retail, but more importantly, understands how to make communication and task management efficient, meaningful and effective for retailers. Just like you, many retailers rely on more than one communication tool to spread information through their company and when used properly, these tools can be effective. The more common reality finds retailers struggling with these tools because they can be unwieldy and difficult to operate, undermining the reason they were created in the first place: to make communication simple and more effective. Different types of information need to be communicated throughout the year, and not all information is created equal. A chat from a co-worker doesn’t have the same priority as an email from the SVP, however, all of these communications need to exist together to provide context for everyone.

Providing ease and clarity of communication is why Zipline exists. We knew we had to create a platform that could accommodate different types of communication in a way that allowed them to be distinct from one another, yet also coexist in harmony. Early in the formation of Zipline, we were a task management/communication solution that aspired to be the one-stop shop for retail. Everything a store manager and their team needed to execute on any task would be accessed in a single communication platform.


In order for precise store execution to happen at scale, teams need to tap into every communication type in the most efficient way possible. Zipline solves this problem by stratifying information into 4 different types of communication that span the spectrum of what people need to know to get the job done.

“Nice to know” is our first segment. Imagine introducing a new product line inspired by a celebrity. Information for the line could include engaging videos with designers talking about a “look” and their inspiration behind it, or pictures of the merchant’s travels to source the product. This type of content is worthy of sharing and could be uploaded on the portal page of the company’s website. Social media can help to engage employees and get them excited about upcoming products.

“Need to do” is exactly as it sounds. This is information that people must know about the product launch. For example, the date that the product comes into stores, the amount of product arriving at each store, how the visual displays should be arranged, etc.

Continuing with our celebrity launch example, “evergreen content”, (our third segment), could include the best practices for merchandising, product colours, how shipping is processed, and how the brand typically merchandise their products. This content constitutes a foundational layer and sets the standard for operating across stores. These are the livelong resources that stores can pull from their libraries and file managers.

The 4th bucket, “dialogue, discussion, and debate”, drives employee engagement and excitement. People could discuss the best practices for upselling, ideas about extensions, and customer feedback. One employee could have kids who are excited about the celebrity partnership, for example. This channel allows people to share opinions, feelings, stories and suggestions, providing a repository of lived experiences for each individual working on the brand.

Finally, employees must constantly and seamlessly “context switch” between these communication types in order to succeed. Colleagues must always make the customer their #1 priority and seek to meet their needs, but when resources are limited and communication is jumbled employees can become confused and the customer experience may suffer. Zipline’s intentional and context-based segmentation solution ensures that never happens.

All four types of communication are vitally important to your success. Zipline is able to distinguish each in a simple and elegant way, making information easily and effectively interpreted, prioritized, and actioned.

When implemented, Zipline empowers organizations to:

  • Make sure their strategies are effectively executed in-stores. For most retailers, the average execution rate for in-store initiatives is between 25 – 30%. Zipline will take this execution rate to 90%
  • Do more with less. Certainty of task completion removes the need for duplication, or to continually check on people
  • Better drive employee engagement, resulting in higher retention and production
  • see double-digit comp sales due to initiatives being executed at a higher than 90% success rate
  • Be more agile, creative and innovative as a result of more effective communication and outcomes
  • Better customer experience scores by enabling people to communicate exactly what they need and get what they want
  • Save tens of millions of dollars a year (Gartner “Old Navy saves $20M a year”)

Some of our most noteworthy features are:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use UI that requires very little training, bringing the ease of consumer technology to the enterprise with no downtime.
  • Providing information in context. We know what kind of information to provide to whatever type of team so it can be actioned on efficiently. (e.g., reading, doing and planning from a single platform; flying high and diving deep) by a part-time, seasonal team.
  • Prioritizing information so the most important messaging is positioned up front, with the ability to drill down if needed
  • Distributing drool-worthy media-rich communication (e.g., communicators could show images, movies, gifs)
  • Providing clear, actionable insight through analytics and information tracking exposes what may have been an organizational blind spot. At Zipline, we believe “sunlight is the best disinfectant”. Our platform opens a window and allows a level of visibility that will help Gucci better align their people through more meaningful communication, building higher trust relationships and strong, value-based cultures

Like your most popular roasts and blends, it’s the right features combined in the right way that makes the difference. Our clients see results that speak for themselves.

Let us show you how Retail Zipline can help you deliver an exceptional employee experience for all employees utilizing our platform.


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