Join us in NYC

👟 Dash on over to the brand new UWS Allbirds store in NYC for a special evening! Hear from the Allbirds Store Ops team about how they’ve adapted and innovated. Our very own CEO and Co-founder, Mel, will be there, too. Plus, you’ll get to shop the store and get a pair of shoes on us! 

Date: Thurs, 7/29/21
Time: 7:00-8:00 pm EST
Location: 201 Columbus Ave New York, NY 10023 (the corner of West 69th Street and Columbus Ave)


Scott Thomas – Manager, Global Retail Communications and Engagement, Allbirds
Chris Bailey – Senior Manager, Global Retail Operations, Allbirds
Melissa Wong – CEO and Co-Founder, Zipline

The early bird gets the worm! Spots are limited, so please RSVP by 7/22!

Allbirds of a feather flock together:   Share with a colleague that you think would be interested in hearing from the Allbirds team!

RSVP Please!