Expand the Possibilities of Your Iconic Brand With Zipline

Zipline is the all-in-one field operations platform that powers the world’s largest and most innovative brands. By giving employees the information they need to execute to brand standards, Zipline streamlines a frontline employee’s daily work and brings them closer to their company’s vision, driving efficiency and execution across all locations.

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Every frontline deserves a Zipline

Zipline takes the barrage of messages and tasks that retail workers are bombarded with and makes them succinct, digestible and actionable. The right people get the right information at the right time.

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Zipline’s NPS:

Our greatest reward is how much our customers love using Zipline. Our last NPS survey revealed an NPS score of 78 on a scale of -100 to 100. That’s unheard of in SaaS.

“The ability to have a one stop shop for all retail communications and execution is the greatest benefit of using Zipline. We also value Zipline’s reporting which ensures accountability.”

Carmen I., Retail Communications Manager, Lush Cosmetics

“Zipline gets employees out of the office and back on the sales floor. It means another person is out there explaining to a customer why they’ll love this pair of pants.”

Ashley Hebb, Communications and Product Education, Athleta

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Case Study

How Zipline is supporting lululemon’s next decade of growth

Zipline is driving lululemon’s key growth initiatives by pulling communication channels into one central place where tasks are targeted to individual stores, everybody has visibility into who-read-what, and HQ partners can see how initiatives are tracking in real time.

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Case Study

How L.L.Bean uses Zipline to drive world-class store execution and frontline employee retention

L.L.Bean rolled out Zipline to its stores leader population in April of 2020. From the beginning, adoption was close to 100%, and feedback for Zipline was so positive among leaders that L.L.Bean’s Store Operations team knew it was time to take the next step and close the gap between HQ and frontline employees for good.

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Case Study

How American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Made Store Communications a Competitive Differentiator

Following the successful pilot, implementation was smooth, quick, and took just a few weeks. Zipline eliminated a lot of the work that AEO’s technology team was responsible for in previous implementations, allowing them to refocus efforts on other projects.

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This brand rolled Zipline out globally – 9 countries, 11 languages, 20k users – in 1 month.

The whole process took just 100 man-hours (combined) and led to only 2 support calls.

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