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Zipline is the all-in-one field operations platform that powers the world’s largest and most innovative brands. By giving employees the information they need to execute to brand standards, Zipline streamlines a frontline employee’s daily work and brings them closer to their company’s vision, driving efficiency and execution across all locations.

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Your Questions Answered

What differentiates and makes your offerings and company unique from your competitors?

Zipline is more than just a communication and task management solution. It's a better way to operate your field organization, and it's how best in class retailers engage their store teams and achieve better store performance and execution. As a company focused exclusively on helping retailers bring their brand vision to life in stores, we know how difficult achieving consistent execution can be. Our solution is based on more than 15 years of experience in store operations. We created a solution which combines the best of both consumer and enterprise technologies. Our customers have streamlined their operations by 80%, improved next day store execution threefold to over 90%, and are finally able to consistently deliver the best experiences to consumers. We have a 100% pilot conversation rate and a CSAT score of 77 out of 100, where most SaaS companies typically will see a rating of 23. The following are our key differentiators:

  1. Built for retail, by retail - We have identified, articulated, and solved key pain points of the industry, which in turn ensures adoption and overall effectiveness.
  2. We are the only solution that solves for both communication and execution. Most solutions focus on one or the other but there isn't a single solution that solves for both.
  3. Reputation and service - Our customers love us, our sales team and customer success team provides a level of service and empathy that is industry leading.
  4. Flexible hierarchy - Zipline is built directly on top of your unique field hierarchy - and can easily flex and update as this hierarchy changes. No other task management system or communications portal does this.
Does your platform have an easy-to-use interface for both publishers and end users? If yes, please provide data on adoption by user type.

Zipline is designed to be easy to use, just like consumer software. Your teams are going to have the same experience regardless of where they access Zipline, this is true for both end users and publishers. We are proud of our adoption data: end-user adoption is 90% and publisher adoption is ##%.

What scheduling systems are you currently compatible with?

At Zipline our integration partners are integral to creating a one stop shop for your teams. Being able to surface data on a single dashboard makes it really easy for your teams to find the information they need, including clocking in and clocking out in Zipline as well as viewing their schedule. We currently have partnerships with Ceridian Dayforce, Legion and UKG/Kronos.

How do you engage clients in new product features/enhancements/take and implement feedback on current features?

We are constantly working on, and improving, the Zipline product to enhance your experience. Our product development team works in 8-week cycles where we produce new features and functionality every 8-weeks. A lot of our cycle work and new development comes from feedback we hear from the field users in the pink bubble, recurring meetings with your Account Manager, and also through our product roadmap portal in the product. Our primary sponsors are all given access to the product roadmap portal in Zipline where you can: submit your ideas, vote on other ideas that have been submitted, and have insight into what we are working on. We also have a customer working group that is a direct connection between our customers and the Zipline research & design team. Our team works closely with customers to have direct feedback and influence into the design of our product.

What platforms are you currently integrated with?

We are currently integrated with Ceridian Dayforce (Clocks and schedule),Docebo (LMS), Adobe (LMS), Big Query (Data), Medallia (Data), Gmail (Email), Outlook (Email), Okta, Azure AD, PingIdentity, and any SAML 2.0 Identity Provider (SSO).

We have partnerships with Legion and UKG and are currently scoping the work. When we have a retail partner we will formalize/finalize the integrations.

What does training and support look like for publishers and end users?

Zipline provides an in-app tour for all users when they first onboard into the platform and all users have access to a 24/7 in-app Knowledge Base. In addition to the tour, we provide a full suite of onboarding materials to help you deploy Zipline to your teams. The suite of materials includes: rollout call scripts, how-to videos, drag and drop communications, library resource pages, how-to guides, and more. All customers will have Account Manager support for training and rollout. All of our primary contacts from each customer are also given access to the Zipline Community instance where they can find information on product updates, training resources, historical Summer Camp resources, and more.

What "added value" or adjacency services do you offer that may further enable our success?

At Zipline we are in service to our retail partners. We have an Education and Enablement team that is focused on creating experiences and content to enable the success of our partners. Some of these activities include: Zipline Summer Camp, best practice webinars, monthly publisher trainings, our Customer Advisory Board.

What allows you to execute better and more accurately than your competitors?

Extensive research, expertise in retail store communications coupled with our expertise in consumer behaviors and technology contributed to building the industry's leading solution. Our sole focus on solving the problem of poor in-store execution allowed us to be purposeful and most effective. Our research uncovered common themes and the root cause of poor in-store performance and became the foundation for Zipline. But it was the time spent identifying the friction, pain points, and required behaviors by role within a retail ecosystem that gives us a significant advantage. This research became the development roadmap for our personalized user experience, and Zipline's proprietary combination of features now proven to drive in-store execution over 90%. Zipline's features are purposeful in supporting positive behavior and driving the desired results, and that is why we are able to execute better and more accurately than our competitors.

What is your strategy to introduce new product features and enhancements?

We believe deeply in the community of retail operations and leap at every opportunity to move it forward with your voice. This is what keeps Zipline constantly evolving as a platform.

Zipline customers can gain real-time access to our roadmap, submit ideas, see what other retailers have requested, what is under consideration (and vote it up) and what is currently in development. Additionally weekly touch-points with your Zipline Success Team for feedback and an Executive spot on our Customer Advisory Board and annual participation in our user forum, Summer Camp.

We work in 8 week cycles that have 2 different tracks, the product track and the development track. The product track has 3 different stages call for ideas, shaping and decisioning. Calls for ideas come from 2 different sources from the product team and internal and external input. These ideas are from customer feedback/requests, strategic initiatives or internal ideas. With this cycle of CI/CD we are able to produce approximately 26 changes per month and 6 to 8 major features a year.

Does your company publish newsletters and organize webinars on product happenings?

Keeping our customers up to date on feature releases, best practices, upcoming trainings is a high priority for Zipline. We offer a number of ways to keep the information flowing and our customers informed:, product feature communications, Zipline Newsletter, Customer Community Center, Communication Consultants,

Does your company have the ability to provide in-app support like chat connect with personnel (office hours) or quick search bots (out of office hours)? Please explain how this feature is used or if no, how is support provided?

Stores ask a lot of questions and they need fast and friendly support (from real people). Our in-app support known as the Pink Bubble is available to answer questions from all users in less than 5 minutes. Typical Pink Bubble requests include: password resets (non-SSO), temporary store/district coverage, role changes. Less than 5 minute response times for The Pink Bubble are available from 4am - 6pm PST; however, outside of these hours response times may be a bit slower.

We also offer a 24/7 Knowledge Base for all users to find quick answers and resources to questions they may have on how to use Zipline.

Openness of the system for new extensions like Bots or VOIP etc.

Our modern, open APIs can be used to push content into or out of the system for exactly this type of extensibility.

Can we integrate new Applications or new workflow. Do we need to use any SDK for the same?

You can add widgets from third party systems, trigger behaviour based on actions that happen in the system, and build functionality in your own systems based on Zipline data. No SDK is necessary, but client libraries are available because our APIs follow modern standards.

Can we replace the UI experience as a whole or part of it?

Zipline is designed to not need this to happen, and we’re continually improving it based on the latest research and design best practices. However, if you want to build your own external interface using our APIs, that’s supported. Ideally, you don’t have to spend the time, money, and energy doing that once you’ve implemented Zipline.

System Deployment model or limitations.

This is a 100% Cloud Hosted SaaS that we manage. We do not offer an on-prem or customer cloud option at this time.

Operations model from support perspective.

We provide support at all levels of the application. Our training team will guide your HQ business partners, our AMs will work closely with you week over week throughout your contract, and our customer support people will be on hand for any questions that come from the store users. 99% of our customers rely on us 100% for end-user support and we do not charge extra for it.

Most customers find that their internal teams save countless hours per week and are much happier as a result.

Any dependency on Hosting env like Kubernetes, OS or Mobile Device Specification for application like OS version, HW Spec etc.

Hosting is not applicable as we provide that. For the browser version, we support all modern browsers, and IE11. We support any mobile device or POS device that has a web browser, and we have native mobile apps for iOS (11+) and Android (5+).

Any dependency around firewall or network?

We do not require any access to your internal networks. There are a small number of URLs that should be safelisted so that your stores can reach them.

Communication alerting - For time sensitive projects, can our store directors (field team) receive reports every two hours to confirm which units have not completed a projects

Yes, this can be configured for you. We would recommend doing this only in situations like critical communications that are very time sensitive, otherwise, it just becomes noise to people and it actually reduces the effectiveness.

Instant messaging - Can users be searched for by roles

Yes, you can use the targeting search to find colleagues by role, team, employee number, or name.

In addition, you can create smart groups based on a rules system that automatically update as your hierarchy and colleague attribute files change.

Duty management - Does your product have a duty management role that a colleague can activate when covering shifts to receive relevant communication

Yes, a colleague can adjust their role or add new teams and roles through the interface to temporarily cover an area.

This is especially useful in the field leadership roles where they might cover an entire set of stores for a period of time, or as a store manager where you may work in multiple stores.

Does your product have the ability for admins to create project templates for creators to use, that may contain prepopulated information

Yes, you can create templates in the system or you can use word documents to create them and provide them to business partners in a format that they’re comfortable with. We’ve found this dramatically increases satisfaction and adoption.

Does your product have an admin screen for colleagues to be able to amend the departments that are applicable to then to receive relevant communication

Yes. This can also be automated so that they only have to do that on an exception basis.

Does your product have an admin screen that allows admins to amend details for stores such as attributes (eg. format, country etc)

Yes, however, we mostly see this happening through our automated hierarchy synching that we setup. Your admins can give complex rules changes to their AM, such as a new hierarchy adjustment going live at a set time, and it will be taken care of without your team needing to make a bunch of manual changes.

Customer Happiness:

Zipline’s NPS:

Our greatest reward is how much our customers love using Zipline. Our last NPS survey revealed an NPS score of 78 on a scale of -100 to 100. That’s unheard of in SaaS.

Zipline Loves Our Customers and They Love Zipline

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