360 degrees of visibility into 100% of what DCs need to get done.

Zipline is the Distribution Center lifeline, bringing every facet of your business together in one personalized, prioritized platform.

Product shortages. Communicating with your drivers. Getting consistent information out to your warehouse workers. And keeping your employees healthy, safe, and abreast of government mandates. At Zipline, we know the unique pressures distributors are facing today.

We built Zipline from the ground up to solve the problems in retail distribution we experienced first-hand.

Competing solutions were designed for office workers on desktop – not employees in a warehouse. So we built a solution that works for today’s constantly changing retail and distribution businesses.

The ultimate one-stop-shop for hourly teams

Zipline brings clarity and meaning to a warehouse worker’s job, no matter how many complex systems they’re accessing. By enabling powerful third-party integrations on top of our industry-leading Operations platform, employees gain access to information in the context of their individual role, location, and current performance.

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Task Management

Zipline makes it easy for people to delegate, pick up the baton when needed, volunteer for tasks, etc. As a result, the execution data is actually far more accurate than what you’ll get with other task management software.

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Resource library

Zipline’s resource library is search-primary (and that search actually works), so teams don’t need to memorize a complicated hierarchy to find what they’re looking for, and can pull up information in seconds – speed is critical in the face of health and safety issues. Library contents are targeted by location and role, so there’s no risk of employees looking at (and executing) the wrong direction.

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With Surveys, you can get to a 100% response rate faster than ever before: Managers can see which team members haven’t completed a live survey in real time, so they can remind them while it’s still in progress. And HQ teams can access results directly, so important information from the field doesn’t bottleneck in Corporate Communications.

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Groups & Messenger

Give your field teams the ability to easily engage with HQ and their leaders, with a copy of all communications for compliance.

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Compliance reports

See who read critical messages and marked tasks complete. See which DC teams are paying attention and which ones need attention.

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Zipline helps all types of brands align their entire fleet, top to bottom. When everybody’s on the same page, business runs like a well oiled machine.

DC Leaders

With so many messages coming from different HQ teams – and so many different places to look – it’s difficult to understand and prioritize what needs to get done. With Zipline’s intuitive dashboard, leaders can understand exactly what’s on their team’s plate for the busy day ahead. They see a personalized, streamlined view of outstanding tasks, top priority messages from HQ, and events happening today, all at a glance.

Frontline Workers

No access to the back office? No problem. Part-time associates and frontline workers can review messages from Managers or HQ (and even watch videos) right from the floor using a mobile device or tablet. They can take surveys to test their knowledge or share real-time feedback with Managers to let them know what they’re seeing on the floor.

District Managers

Whether they’re on the road, in a store, or working from the office, District Managers always have access to real-time mobile-friendly reporting that shows exactly how their teams are tracking on recent tasks. When it’s time to give feedback, sending a message to their teams in Zipline is as easy and intuitive as sending a text or email.


Balancing message requests from multiple departments, building lengthy emails, and copy-pasting information into clunky systems is a thankless job (and it’s getting crazier). With Zipline, content creators spend less time fighting formatting and wrangling distribution lists and more time producing meaningful work. Thanks to Zipline’s auto-magical publishing interface, what used to take multiple hours now takes as little as one click.

Human Resources

Give your field teams a tool that empowers them to do their most efficient (and satisfying) work, safely. With Zipline, HR professionals can ensure that all employees, regardless of location or role, are given the information they need to be in compliance with critical policies and feel more connected to the brand.


We know innovation can’t just exist inside the minds of the folks in the C-suite. Big, revenue-driving ideas only matter if they’re correctly executed in the field – and in today’s world only 29% of direction sent from HQ is executed correctly. Zipline closes that gap – bringing execution to above 90% – so your executives feel confident that every employee, down to the part-time frontline worker, understands how to bring the company vision to life.

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