Dealing with Omicron:

What Retailers need to focus on in 2022

Jeremy Baker


Emily Lane

Head of Content

Corbin Eilander

Director, Customer Success

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Two of Zipline’s retail experts weigh in on the trends and best practices shaping retail in the midst of Covid-19’s latest variant.

Omicron is here, and it’s proving that there’s no end in sight to Covid-19. That means it might be time to trade in the mishmash of email, employee apps, and intranet messages you stood up in a hurry two years ago for something more scalable.

Join Zipline CTO and Co-Founder Jeremy Baker, and Ziplne’s Head of Customer Success, Corbin Eilander, as they discuss:

  • The strategies best-in-class retailers are using to keep their teams nimble amidst rapidly changing health and safety guidelines.
  • Recommendations for technology that can help your stores stay in the loop.
  • The #1 thing you need to keep your field teams engaged during (yet another) round of Covid-induced closures.