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Zipline is the operations platform that drives execution and engagement.

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Whether your teams are working in a store, distribution center, bank, or construction site Zipline can easily integrate with your business.

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Help teams feel more connected to their brand’s mission, understand expectations, and be more successful.

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Achieve greater business success and fulfill their vision for both customers and employees.

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“Zipline is the linch-pin for all our communications – everything passes through there. There’s no ambiguity; if it’s on Zipline it’s official and if it’s not, it’s not. It is a solid record of what we did and when, and how we had it done.”

Elliott Perceval, Sr. Operations Manager at

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Empower employees with the cloud-based, all-in-one solution.

Always keep employees in the loop

Zipline brings clarity and meaning to employees’ daily work, no matter how many complex systems they’re accessing. By enabling powerful third-party integrations on top of our industry-leading Operations platform, employees gain access to information in the context of their individual role, location, and current performance.

Smooth task management

Delegate, pick up the baton when needed, and volunteer for tasks, within or across departments and more! The streamline nature of Zipline results in far more accurate data than what you’ll get with other task management software.

Information at your fingertips

Zipline’s resource library is search-primary (and that search actually works), so teams don’t need to memorize a complicated hierarchy to find what they’re looking for, and can pull up information in seconds – speed is critical in the face of health and safety issues. Library contents are targeted by location and role, so there’s no risk of employees looking at (and executing) the wrong direction.

Real-time survey progress feedback

Get to a 100% response rate faster than ever before: Leaders can see which of their teams hasn’t completed a live survey in real time, so they can remind them while it’s still in progress. And HQ teams can access results directly, so important information from the field doesn’t bottleneck in Store Communications.

Communicate quickly and with ease

Instantly reach any employee – all the way down to hourly, frontline associates – through one-to-one messaging. Or, create message groups to help field leaders and teams collaborate, share information, and celebrate wins. Groups is a true digital workplace for every single distributed employee in the organization.

Compliance report that will keep your employees and goals aligned

See who read critical messages and marked tasks complete. See which store teams are paying attention and which ones need attention.

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“The team alignment on communication is so much better with Zipline. It empowers stores to own their business and really helps them navigate their needs.”

Sarah Tava, Director of Brand Stores at

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