Zipline is the Key to Remaining Nimble and Competitive

Zipline is the all-in-one field operations platform that powers the world’s largest and most innovative brands. By giving employees the information they need to execute to brand standards, Zipline streamlines a frontline employee’s daily work and brings them closer to their company’s vision, driving efficiency and execution across all locations.

Every frontline deserves a Zipline

Zipline takes the barrage of messages and tasks that retail workers are bombarded with and makes them succinct, digestible and actionable. The right people get the right information at the right time.

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5 Reasons Why Settling for an Intranet is Costing You Execution

When it comes to store communications, no sentence makes us cringe more than: “we use an intranet for that.” Sure, you painstakingly moved all of your reference materials over to that single folder hierarchy. You spent weeks customizing that image carousel on the homepage. Your field teams now know exactly where to go to get the latest information. Theoretically, your stores now have access to the latest version of the truth.But your so-called “one-stop-shop?” It’s actually… a flop.

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Hear our story from Zipline’s CEO Melissa Wong

“We chose Zipline because of their deep understanding of retail operations, complexities and all. We wanted to have a true partner with us in our brand transformation and they are invested in our success.”

Brian Wehrle, Director of Store Experience, Rite Aid

“I would have had [Zipline] year one … We are such a better company because of how we communicate today.”

Randy Edeker CEO & President, Hy-Vee

How Hy-Vee uses Zipline to engage employees and deliver personalized communication to the field



“7-Eleven quickly implemented Zipline to publish information to its new employees, noting the ease of the publishing, store team love and high level of readership, making the decision to officially partner to better align its corporate-owned store teams to drive better customer engagement with Zipline easy.”

“When we met the Zipline team, it was clear that we found a partner that was going to be invested in our success.”

John Bishop, Group Vice President of Operations, The Fresh Market.

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