Get targeted information to the right people at the right time

Zipline is the all-in-one field operations platform that powers the world’s largest and most innovative brands. By giving employees the information they need to execute to brand standards, Zipline streamlines a frontline employee’s daily work and brings them closer to their company’s vision, driving efficiency and execution across all locations.

Every frontline deserves a Zipline

Zipline takes the barrage of messages and tasks that retail workers are bombarded with and makes them succinct, digestible and actionable. The right people get the right information at the right time.

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“We chose Zipline because of their ability to ensure our store teams have access to the resources necessary to deliver outstanding customer service.”

Brian Wehrle, Director of Store Experience, Rite Aid

“Thanks to Zipline, I know our associates feel taken care of. We use the platform to help them do their jobs better and alert them when there’s an important update, product recall or task. But we also use it to let them know how things are going, how we’re keeping them safe and how we’re providing them with new benefits or special discounts during the pandemic. So it’s tactical, but also emotional. It’s another way that we show them we care.”

Jessica Ringena, SVP Finance and Business Strategy, Hy-Vee

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Case Study

How Zipline is supporting lululemon’s next decade of growth

Zipline is driving lululemon’s key growth initiatives by pulling communication channels into one central place where tasks are targeted to individual stores, everybody has visibility into who-read-what, and HQ partners can see how initiatives are tracking in real time.

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Case Study

How Kitchen Stuff Plus Found Unexpected Joy in Communications

“Zipline felt like a great fit for us from the start. After seeing the product we realized how much more effectively we could be communicating with our store teams. Zipline’s philosophy around communication really resonated with me and was very aligned with our company culture and values.”

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