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The Future of Grocery

What’s in store for the future of grocery stores?

Over a year ago, Covid-19 brought non-essential brick-and-mortar retail stores to a halt.

While brands in other retail verticals had the benefit of time to prepare for reopening, grocery stores were reacting and adapting on the fly. The customer experience transformed instantly, launching us into a future age of grocery defined by online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery, while stores still maintain a safe and shoppable environment.

Did you know? Companies with higher employee engagement outperform their competition by over 130% in sales execution.

There is a common thread between top-ranking retailers… Communication technology.

Grocery stores that have software solutions in place designed to manage store execution by prioritizing effective communication saw an 88% boost in health & safety and over 100% in sales execution.

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We’ll show you which grocery stores are outperforming the competition.

Together, we can examine:

  • The correlation between employee engagement and sales execution
  • How health and safety guidelines are affecting employees' perception of associate friendliness
  • Which retail brands are outperforming their peers and why

Ready to Streamline Your Store Communications?

Retail Zipline is the only solution on the market that combines store communication and task management to drive flawless execution.

As a grocery brand, Zipline enables you to:

  • Understand exactly what’s getting done in your stores.
  • Connect every frontline employee to your vision through communication and context, so they can better prioritize and plan.
  • Empower your Upper Field Leaders to take action before issues in stores impact your bottom line.

We've made our solution easy to implement, fun to use, and useful for stores and HQ alike. We’d love to give you a deeper look. So why not book a meeting?


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