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Messages and Tasks

Retail task management software to get everyone on the same page

Zipline’s unique approach to retail task management aligns your entire organization with minimal effort at HQ and maximum store engagement and execution in the field.

“Zipline is the linch-pin for all our communications – everything passes through there. There’s no ambiguity; if it’s on Zipline it’s official and if it’s not, it’s not. It is a solid record of what we did and when, and how we had it done.”

Elliott Perceval, Sr. Operations Manager at

Give your stores clarity

With Zipline, store teams see messages, tasks, and attachments – only the ones relevant to them – in one place. No extra logins. They can focus on delivering the right store experience without having to search a dozen places for information.

Store managers can easily assign tasks, recognize individuals and plan store activities in the palm of their hand. Zipline works on any mobile device (as well as 10-year-old back office PCs.)

Give your upper field visibility

Zipline gives District and Regional Managers real time visibility into who’s reading messages, who’s completing tasks, and who’s not. They can track task completion rates, stay up-to-date on company news, and follow up directly with their store managers all from the same platform.

Now, DMs can build a culture of execution that produces consistent experiences and happier customers – no store travel necessary.

Give your comms team agility

With the ability to push real-time notifications and update messages and tasks in an instant, store operations teams finally have task management software that keeps pace with the business of retail.

Communicators at HQ can engage and educate field teams with easy-to-insert gifs, images, and videos, and multiple attachments – ultimately publishing better messages, faster. Zipline makes it easy to send information to stores in a more digestible way, so they understand the context and act quickly.

“Zipline is a great resource for all communication to be in one place”

Zipline is a great resource for all communication to be in one place, it makes it so easy so you don’t skip a beat on things you need to know for work and to be able to communicate with whole teams. Whole organization communication is so easy to use when you have one field where everything to me accessed by all employees it makes it easy for messaging and updates to be seen and heard by everyone

Madeline C

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