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Zipline is the all-in-one field operations platform that powers the world’s largest and most innovative brands. By giving employees the information they need to execute to brand standards, Zipline streamlines a frontline employee’s daily work and brings them closer to their company’s vision, driving efficiency and execution across all locations.

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Your Questions Answered

Company Financial Questions

Are you currently a vendor for BJ's Wholesale Club?*


What is your Legal Company Name?*

Retail Zipline, Inc.

Doing Business As*

Delaware C-corp

What is your corporate address?*

2370 Market street
suite 436
San Francisco, CA 94114

Main Phone*


Corporate URL*


Which year was your company founded?*


Please give a brief overview of your company*

Please refer to uploaded Company Overview doc

Do you have a fully executed NDA on file with BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc? If yes, Please Upload your fully executed NDA in Event Documents*


Is your company a subsidiary or affiliate of another firm?*


If yes, what is the name of your parent company?*

Not Applicable

List all subsidiaries of your company (if any)

Not Applicable

Is your company private or publically held?*


If public, please provide symbol and trading exchange

Not Applicable

How many permanent employees do you have?*


How many customers do you work with today? (Please indicate customer base by industry)*

70 customers today in the Retail Industry.

How many of your customers are retailers of similar size to BJ's?*


Please indicate the customer profiles of your top 5 retail customers, the platform features implemented, duration of relationship, etc*

  1. Nike is a $39B global company engaged in designing, marketing, and sales of athletic shoes, apparel, and accessories w/ 1000 brand stores worldwide.
  2. Speedway is a $33B convenience store and gas station chain w/ 3900 stores in the Midwest and East Coast.
  3. Rite Aid is a $24B leading drugstore chain with 2500 stores in 19 states.
  4. O'Reilly Auto Parts is a $12B auto parts retailer w/ 5616 locations servicing B2B and D2C.
  5. Hy-Vee is a $10B employee-owned Grocery/Drugstore Retail Chain with 265 locations.
  6. Please refer to the Zipline Top 5 Customers uploaded document highlighting the duration of the relationship and features implemented.

For the most recent fiscal year, what % of your revenue came from your #1 client?*


For the most recent fiscal year, what % of your revenue came from your #2 client?*


For the most recent fiscal year, what % of your revenue came from your #3 client?*


For the most recent fiscal year, what % of your revenue came from your #4 client?*


For the most recent fiscal year, what % of your revenue came from your #5 client?*


Has your company ever been involved in any bankruptcy or reorganzation proceedings?*


If yes, please describe

not applicable

Do you have a fully executed MSA on file with BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc? (See Reference Documents for BJ's Standard SaaS and Non-SaaS Agreement Template)*


If No, should you be the Awarded supplier, BJ's requests you to review and complete an IT Risk Assessment Due Diligence Questionnaire (see Reference Document) Please reply that you are willing to do so. If NO, please list reasons why.

Yes, we will complete your IT Risk Assessment.

If you are the Awarded supplier, would you agree to the following insurance requirements? Vendor must have: 1. a minimum of $1M in Commercial Gen. Liability and Auto Liability insurance covering bodily injury and property damage exposures, Workers' Comp insurance in statutory limits in full force and effect during the term of any agreement, 3. provide BJ's with a copy of their COI with BJ's included as an additional insured & certificate holder for Commercial Gen. Liability and Auto Liability.*


How many years has your company been in the task management industry?*


Please indicate the Total number of platform offerings sold across your company's portfolio (Please indicate distinctions by industry, category, etc)*

We offer 6 modules (depts/Grocery)

Please indicate the Total number of platform offerings sold to retailers of a similar size to BJ's across your company's portfolio (Please indicate distinctions by industry, category, etc)*

6 modules (grocery, pharmacy, c-store, auto)

Please indicate the Total number of platform offerings sold to retailers of a similar size to BJ's who switched from a competitor's platform to your company's platform (Please indicate top 3 reasons for conversion)*

Ease of use, adoption + execution, service

Is there a fee associated with BJ's providing all or a portion of your task management platform?*


If yes, Please indicate what level of detail on data and sizing requirements do you need from BJ's to evaluate hardware/software requirements and total cost of ownership?*


If yes, Please indicate the fee structure for all platform and service offerings (Please Note any distinctions by tier/package levels, etc)*


Please indicate the program offering parameters and all customers fees such as late fees, penalties, additional / add-on service related fees associated with your platform offering (Please Note any distinctions by tier/package levels, etc)*

"We're all-inclusive" intentionally in costs for our platform. This is because enterprise software has many hidden costs and complexities, so our platform pricing is upfront and all-inclusive. Things like Implementation, Training, Support, Maintenance, Hosting, Upgrades, Mobile app are all included in our price. Plus, we offer a 3-month pilot. Additional consultative services are available specifically for larger, more complex organizations like BJs.

Do you offer customer care / tech support services?*


If yes, what is your support model? (Please indicate support services hours of availability, language availability, location of customer care center, etc)*

The Zipline Support team goes above and beyond to ensure our end users always have a great experience each time they contact one of our representatives. We understand that our users are often busy and don’t have a lot of time to be off the floor, not helping customers; we make things easy for them by offering live chat support and quick response times. While our SLA commits to a maximum 4 hour initial response time during our working hours, our average first response time averages 1m 24s. We not only help our users but make each experience with us better than expected. We are proud to uphold a customer happiness rating of 96% or higher every month. Live support hours are available Monday - Friday from 7 AM - 9 PM EST except for January 1st and December 25th. We also offer email support through [email protected] and a 24/7 escalation hotline: 1-844-449-3663. Zipline is a remote company with employees across the globe including our support team.

Please indicate all available customer contact points (phone, online chat, web appointment/service ticketing system, etc) for customer service inquiries*

Zipline is known for it's level of support. You are assigned an account manager that will really function as an extension of your team and be the primary point of contact for your organization. Your teams are also to contact us via live chat, email or phone. For high or urgent tickets you can call 1-844-449-3663.

Please indicate all SLAs associated with customer care instance for both users and BJ's point of contact (Upload sample SLAs in Event Documents)*

A sample has been loaded into the event documents as "Ziplline sample service level agreements.pdf"

Please indicate the the top reasons for customer care calls, service ticket submissions, complaints, etc (Please Note distinctions by category, calendar cadence, etc)*

Zipline supports all levels within your organization, including store managers. The top reasons store managers reach out are to find a document (we guide them to our google-like search), password resets, and last-minute location coverage changes. In addition, our account manager works with your team to be the bridge between our support team and your brand and provides a monthly recap of all support interactions. See Sample Monthly Overview.

Please indicate the communications and user journey associated with customer care issue resolution (Upload customer care journey in Event Documents)*

See "Zipline Customer Support Process.pdf"

Are there any fees to BJ's associated with any of the customer care services listed above?*


If yes, Please indicate the annual fee owed by BJ's for such support services*


Please provide published recognition received for your company's customer care/tech support services portion of your services network (Upload in Event Documents)*

Support Customer Feedback.pdf

If there are fees associated with above, BJ's Standard Payment Terms N65, ACH. Do you accept these terms?*


Please identify any current customers you may have who are similar to BJ's Wholesale Club and to whom you are providing a similar platform and related services to what we are currently bidding. Please include a public URL in your reply.*

Based on our knowledge of BJ's wholesale, you operate like a big box discount specialty retailer. You optimize for the least amount of product touches, have general roles/responsibilities within the building, and profit from high volume sell-through. Other customers similar to this business model include Old Navy (value model) https://oldnavy.gap.com/ Hy-Vee (generalists plus department specialties), https://www.hy-vee.com/, O'Reilly (B2C and B2B business model)https://www.oreillyauto.com/, and Rite-Aid (bi-furcation of pharmacy/specialty focus and general retail) https://www.riteaid.com/

Identify the primary individual who would oversee the relationship with BJ’s. Include name, title, address, phone, fax, email, and a description of their account responsibilities and qualifications*

Deri McCrea Chief Customer Officer Please see Bio

Identify the secondary / backup personnel who would be supporting BJ’s. Include name, title, phone, email and a description of their roles and responsibilities*

Corbin Eilander Dir Cust Success Please see Bio

PO and Invoicing Questions

Please provide a statement establishing the company’s financial viability and all relevant details (i.e., certified or audited balance sheet, financial statements) (Upload in Event Documents)*

see uploaded doc

"If you already transact on the Ariba Network (i.e. you receive POs and Submit Invoices thru Ariba), please provide us with your Ariba Network ID Number (ANID). NOTE: If you do not currently transact this way through Ariba (or if you do not know), put N/A in the space provided"*


If you already have an Enterprise Ariba Account, please confirm if you would like to be setup as Enterprise with BJ's


What email address should we send purchase orders to?*

[email protected]

How often do you invoice clients?*


Please provide a sample invoice (Upload in Event Documents).*


Task Manager Platform Specifics

Please provide a sample invoice (Upload in Event Documents).*


Please indicate all platform features and related services provided by your company, including tiers/packages, etc, and your recommended tier/package offering for BJ's*

Zipline was built for retail, by retail, so we understand retailers' challenges with increasingly complex operational demands.
We also know that BJ's has a unique set of variables (existing platforms, processes) and priorities (such as business-driving fuel stations) that require deeper discovery to meet you where you're at with a personalized strategy.
Our Core drives engagement and execution by combining Messages (the "why") with Tasks (the "what") into a single source. From that source, tasks are served up in the Day Sheet, a daily team checklist, along with a Calendar view of upcoming tasks. Real-time reporting provides visibility into readership/execution, along with Customer Success team support and guidance.
Additional modules are available to support success; a Resource Library with supercharged search capability, Assessments and Surveys for field feedback/audits, and Groups for collaborative dialog in a familiar social format.

Please indicate whether your platform is configurable by markets and allow changes over time to club and field hierarchy, including dual hierarchy*

Yes, Store hierarchy - or the way retail teams are structured in the field - is complex and continuously changing, our flexible hierarchy support is a competitive advantage. Getting the right information to the right people is difficult because this isn’t a “one size fits all” situation. Fortunately, Zipline is built directly on top of our customers’ unique field hierarchy - and can easily flex and update as this hierarchy changes. Your Account Manager is there to support you as you evolve your business and how it is managed. We were able to support our customer Rite-Aid who needed a bifurcated hierarchy to communicate to their retail and pharmacy teams within the same location. We can also support branding packages that target specific teams within your hierarchy to allow you to focus the communications as appropriate within your organization.

Please indicate whether desktop and mobile versions are available*


If yes, Please indicate the fee structure for each license type, including whether pricing tiers exist, as well as license types for each configuration*

Everything is included in your agreement, Zipline is a software as a service delivered via the web and operates on any device that is capable of running the latest desktop browsers, everything is included in your license. The system requirements for Zipline are the same as the web browsers. Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/7100626?hl=en Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/supported-platforms-and-system-requirements Internet Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/internet-explorer-system-requirements-03a792fd-37e8-73c8-aca0-2bf1edfafcfe The minimum versions of mobile platforms we support are: iOS 10 Android 5 (aka "Lollypop", aka SDK 21). Any device that capable of running those O/S versions along with the latest supported web browser will be able to access Zipline.

Please indicate whether unlimited mobile licenses are available for TC-51/52 or any personal device*


Please indicate whether there is the ability to reply to a task with a photo in the task response, and including the ability to collate photos easily into a task report*

Yes when accessing the platform using a device that includes a camera the user can initiate/attach a photo to tasks/surveys/assessments. All responses including photos will be able to be accessed through roll up reporting.

Please indicate whether there is the ability for Home Office to easily report on task(s) status, Regional and market task status, etc*

There are two primary ways for Home Office to get visibility into Regional and market status. Out of the box, Home Office can get roll ups on execution and readership by:
- Store or specific location
- Roll ups for all stores or districts, zones, regions
In addition to market and regional level insights, we know not all initiatives are equal in importance so there's reporting by initiative or communication. Not only easy for HQ to dive into, Regionals also see information for their area so there's alignment throughout the field.
Want custom reporting? No problem, we track every interaction and behavior. Your account manager can pull stats for you including time of day that the most log in's happen or the time each month the most tasks fall behind

Please indicate whether there is the ability for creating unique and different views for Home Office, Regional Directors and Clubs, and including the ability to sort by task type, open task, incomplete tasks and calendar view (in addition to task view)*

Getting the right information to the right people is foundational to effective communication, and it's why Zipline delivers higher platform adoption rates, employee engagement and task execution/compliance.
We start with people alignment, to establish the user's context- where they are, what role they have, etc.- so that our retail partners can provision messages, documents, Resource Library pages, reporting, etc. by role, department or location (or all three!). The end result? A personalized, branded tool that serves up targeted, timely and relevant content that meets users where they're at, from the part-time seasonal associate using the store's shared smart device, to the business partner/message author on their PC at corporate headquarters.

If so, please provide an example of all view variability by location and hierarchical importance, etc (Upload in Event Documents)*

Refer to the Zipline Flexible Hierarchy.pdf in Event Documents.

Please indicate whether there is the ability to assign different importance levels to tasks - urgent, standard, information, sequential, parallel, etc.*

Yes, these include important/critical

If so, please provide an example of all task indicator differentiators, including all available task differentiator indicators not listed in above (Upload in Event Documents)*

See Task and Prioritization Indicators.pdf

Please indicate whether data may be downloaded into a reportable format, with the ability to generate historic data and reporting through and including 90, 180, 366 days or more as needed.*

Yes, all the prebuilt readership and execution reports can be downloaded in a CSV form or you can access the data with our GraphQL API which allows full access to the data. GraphQL offers more flexibility for developers who want to integrate with Zipline. GraphQL provides the ability to define precisely the data you want—and only the data you want. It also lets you replace multiple REST requests with a single call to fetch the data you specify. Date ranges are fully selectable and all data is retained for the life of the customer contract plus 2 years.

Please indicate how long would the business want to be able to go back and report off this data, including the standard retention period, and whether additional retention periods are available as needed other than those listed in previous question*

Retail Zipline's infrastructure, systems, and data management procedures are compliant with legal holds at all times. This is because all data entered in to the system is preserved throughout the lifetime of the customer contract. Backups of the application database are taken daily. Fully auditable event logs are kept of all actions and events in the application such as when a task was created, when it was completed, when a resource library item was uploaded, and who it was uploaded by. This audit log exists independently of the database, ensuring it cannot be changed or tampered with by a Zipline user or support personnel. Zipline does not have any data disposal processes in place for the lifetime of the customer contact unless specifically requested beyond the legal requirements. Data is retained for a further 2 years after the contract has ended, to assist with security incidents or legal investigations which the customer may become aware of after terminating use of the service.

Do you provide reporting and analytics directly in application or is it an integration to external BI tool?*

Both; actionable in-app reporting and BI support.

Please indicate all functionality afforded to creators, and include a matrix for functionality afforded to each user tier (creator, viewer/editor, viewer/read-only, etc)*

We offer varying Publisher permission levels: Access, Immediate, Create or Notify, with flexibility into which permission level (individuals or groups) have within your communication workflow process. Refer to the Zipline Publisher Permission pdf for details.

Please describe the Home Office and task submitter stage-gate process, and Please confirm the ability to create task and checklist templates for easy deployment, that task submitters have an unlimited number, and that task submitters have the ability to view their task and questions submitted back from the Clubs.*

We know how hard it is to input information into a task and communication system, we've lived it. We have designed a drag and drop template system that allows a publisher to upload a message with 15-20 tasks into Zipline within a minute per message. The time savings customers have seen has enabled them to re-allocate "publishing specialists" to other more value added work. Task submitters are able to see their published tasks through an easy to view personalized Zipline news digest -- like a NYTimes daily digest or Daily Skimm.

Please indicate whether there is the ability for unique Task and calendar views, and including whether there is the ability for unique configurable homepage, displayed in mobile and desktop versions alike for information such as Club news for the day, Regional director news of the day and week, MVP rollup news of the day or week, Compliance by region within market, etc*

Zipline is uniquely designed to cover the four different communication types: Nice to know info, need to do, policies/procedures and dialogue discussion and debate. Across all four types of communication types, there's flexibility to have unique views based on individual, role or brand. Everyone can be included and accounted for without overwhelming them with irrelevant information, all while providing the framework for role permissions, information access and message distribution. Refer to the Unique Configurable Views PDF for examples.

Please provide an example of mobile versus desktop view, and provide a list of any/all limitations which may exist on the mobile application view (Upload in Event Documents)*

Zipline is a device agnostic solution.

Please indicate whether there is the ability to provide Quick business updates for the day, avoiding formal tasks. If so, Please provide an example of the dashboard view of these message types*

For important updates and priority communications that don’t require follow up tasks, the Bulletin is the perfect way to engage, inspire and focus teams on key initiatives. The Bulletin is the place for ‘nice to know’ content, such as Holiday Focus Priorities or a letter from the president, that supports company brand and culture.
Intentionally positioned at the top of the store leader’s high-level Dashboard view of the day, as well as the top of the daily Email Digest summary for Field Leaders and HQ partners, the Bulletin drives awareness and support for organizational initiatives and priorities. By design, it's separated from tactical, need-to-know Messages that include required follow up task execution.

Please indicate whether there is the ability for Broadcast messaging. If so, Please provide an example of the dashboard view of this message type*

Refer to Zipline Notifications pdf for examples.

Please indicate whether there is the ability for configurable date range/setting for Incoming Messaging, including any differences that may exist between desktop and mobile versions*

Yes; with consistent access across most devices.

Please indicate all available messaging capabilities, and the standard and primary notification method (email or otherwise)*

Zipline was specifically designed to deliver the four types of intent-based communication that drive retailer alignment, execution and engagement:
1. Nice to Know: Information worth sharing for inclusion and engagement, but not mandatory (Letter from the President, Holiday Updates)
2. Need to Do: Actionable, time-based, with required follow up. Messages with context (the "why") along with Tasks to execute (the "what").
3. Resource/Reference: Evergreen materials for training/guidance (Policy & Procedures, Brand Standards, Onboarding Videos)
4. Collaboration/Feedback: 1-1 or 1-many communication that provides a productive feedback loop. The Notebook supports asynchronous team task execution, and Groups supports the dialog, discussion and debate between field and HQ.
Users receive notifications for updates/activities that require attention. They appear under the bell on desktop/mobile app, or via mobile push notification or email.

Please indicate all email messaging received by the task creator, including email notifications outside of the system, and such as to alert the creator a message has been sent, irrespective of the status of the task, etc*

When a task creator's message or task is sent, they'll receive it in a personalized daily email digest with all the other communications that went to stores. In addition they have the ability to "lurk" into a specific store, region or district's Zipline instance to validate that a store is seeing the specific, intended messages that were sent.

Please indicate all available methods task creator is afforded with respect to email notifications (ability to edit, retract, resend to group, or resend to individual Club, etc)*

Retail moves fast, and we know that a 'final' version of a communication is rarely the 'final final' version. Zipline lets communicators /publishers fix/edit live messages or tasks in two ways:
1. Silently save: Did you misspell something? No worries. There's a quick and easy way to make the edit without alerting anyone.
2. Update any part of an existing message or task and call attention to it so that stores see the update. It's like Google Edit tracking but for store teams, with the power of visibility in the publisher's hands. Instead of resending the latest version in a new communication, you can make updates to an existing message, republish it and it will pop to the top of a user’s list like a new message, marked with an 'Updated' tag. It reduces version spin and keeps teams focused on the one version of the truth.

How do you deploy and support user training and adoption?*

Zipline onboarding includes a robust training for the project team, publishers and field users that lives well beyond your implementation with ongoing support and best practices workshops throughout your lifetime as a Zipline customer. As your teams change and grow, we provide in-app training for new users, intentionally meeting them where they're at with engaging content that guides hands-on learning and drives next-level adoption rates.

Do you provide user self-help assistance materials such as how-to guides for common issues, user profile setup, customized dashboards & reporting, etc*

Yes; walk-through and knowledge base

If yes, please provide a sample self-help guide, including FAQ or self-help video/tutorials and/or best practices (Upload in Event Documents)*

Refer to Zipline Knowledge Base Overview PDF.

Please provide program details for your current retailer-specific program offerings, indicating retailer specific incentives, and efficiency driving platform configurations (by module, platform tiers, etc)*

We are by Retail for Retail. Zipline is the only retail communications solution on the market that was built from the ground up by a person who has actually worked in retail. Melissa, our co-founder, spent 10 years running store communications for Old Navy, trying to get stores to execute and to make communication more efficient. So, she started Zipline: the store communication solution that she always wanted to exist. Other platforms don’t help align field leaders by adjusting to a company’s unique hierarchy or make it easy to engage employees via images and video. They don’t have “magical” touches like the acronym dictionary or drag-and-drop publishing. These are all features we built to make Zipline the best communications solution for retailers, period. We know that the more people who can have access to the information the more actionable it is so our pricing is based on locations on “seats”, your workforce is seasonal and part-time so we accommodate this.

Please indicate what a BJ's specific program would consist of for the following parameters: 1. value to BJ's, 2. value to BJ's users, and 3. added value of partnering with your company. Please indicate all platform features or enhancements which drive platform adoption, increased efficiencies, etc*

Our combination of targeting/hierarchy and visibility to information applicable to the unique users is critical, as well as an effective platform to reach every user. We layer in next-level ease of use and visibility throughout the entire organizational hierarchy, so that every HQ partner, field leader, store manager and seasonal associate are using the platform, engaged and on board with your strategic plan.
We surface and organize information to meet users where they are vs. sharing information in a never-ending thread. We have a point of view. We were built thinking about how to improve the retail experience and support success for field teams, HQ and customers, and that looks different for every organization. We look forward to helping to define and support your success. Refer to the Value of Zipline pdf for more details.

Please indicate whether you provide regular program reporting to your retail partner, what KPIs are tracked, the cadence of such reporting and whether additional reporting is available to BJ's program administer via a reporting dashboard, etc*

Yes, Lack of accountability is actually pretty common in retail, especially when it comes to communication. But accountability is so important in retail, because workforces are often seasonal and the General Manager will not always be in store.
At Zipline, we believe there’s better accountability when employees have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and everybody has access to the same information - and this includes data on “who-did-what.” Sometimes this makes people nervous - they don’t like the idea of “calling people out” in public. But transparency helps productivity. The more visibility teams have into execution, readership, and other metrics, the better they can work together. There is no time wasted on making sense of communication, clarifying original direction, or figuring out who did what. Instead, they can easily see the gaps, address the issues, and move on to higher-value work - like helping customers.

Please provide a sample report on program KPIs provided to BJ's program administer, including most common reporting field, custom reporting fields, etc (Upload in Event Documents)*

Please refer to Metrics and Reporting Samples.pdf.

Please recommend the preferred Deployment Methodology, Implementation Timeline, and Recommended Sequence of Platform Deployment for BJ's*

Whether you're ready to move fast or want to take things a little slower, we're ready to support and work at a pace that matches your own. From a technical perspective, our team can get your site setup within a matter of days/weeks with a few key details from you, like login criteria and field hierarchy files. On the people-side, we provide project and change management guidance to your team to ensure this rollout is your smoothest one yet. We help you understand current processes and define new ones optimized for working in Zipline, host trainings and share best practices to get your publishers up and running and partner with you on field training. Typically we see customers launch all products within 8-10 weeks.

Please indicate all recommended commitments from BJ's team (roles and estimated time %) - project management, functional lead, technical lead, super users, QA testers related to implementation and platform deployment*

Zipline Project Lead/Coordinator - point person to lead and manage this change on the BJ's side
Zipline Publisher - dedicated comms owner that focuses on writing/editing/publishing and serves as a Zipline gatekeeper (this can be the same project lead/coordinator)
Project Sponsors (Field & HQ) - at least one Sr. leader from the Field and HQ to help champion the change with their respective teams and peers

Please indicate timelines from past deployments, by module, and end to end as appropriate.*

Every customer gets a designated Account Manager with an additional real-time support team (think chat bubble support). Your Account Manager will offer project management guidance throughout the implementation process and ongoing support beyond the rollout. The Account Manager also ensures your site is setup in partnership with our engineering team on the desired go-live date. We do not anticipate nor have we ever encountered issues with staffing that have prevented us from meeting agreed upon project deliverables. 

Please provide an estimated timeline for agreement execution, IT integration, and service launch. If you can provide an actual case study, please do so for our reference. (Upload in Event Documents)*

Zipline Customer Success Overview.pdf

Please provide any customer testimonials of customers who have utilized your services through a retail partner of similar size to BJ's, including ease of implementation process, incentives available, incentives qualified for, incentives received, and including category specifics for reference. (Upload in Event Documents)*

Refer to Zipline Retail Partner References pdf.

Please provide published recognition received for your company's platform, services network, etc (Upload in Event Documents)*

Refer to the Zipline Awards and Recognition pdf.

Account Management

Please list your current retail partners of similar size to BJ's which utilize your platform*

Retail Zipline is a proud partner to a diverse portfolio of well-known household brands offering a broad range of products.
The following are our top 5 customers in order of revenue they represent to our total. Every one of our customers operates in the retail industry.
1.) Hy-Vee, Grocery, operate in 8 states in the Midwest
2.) O'Reilly Auto Parts, Auto Parts, operates in 47 states and Mexico
3.) Bath and Bodyworks, Personal Care, 52 states, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia
4.) Rite Aid Pharmacy, Healthcare, 18 states
5.) Sephora, Personal Care and Beauty, 52 States, 35 Countries.

Please indicate the attributes of your retail partner relationship management program, your new customer acquisition program, and your value-add services which set you apart as a best in class partner for BJ's*

Retail Zipline takes a holistic approach to onboard our new customers. We know that introducing our technology alone will not drive the improvement BJ's is looking to achieve. Our approach is a combination of discovery, training, cross-functional socialization, Proof of Concept, and ongoing support based on your organization's needs and success criteria. At Zipline, we are invested in your long-term success, and that is why we offer industry-leading consultative services and a hands-on approach to partnership for the duration of your contract with us. Also, our customer training and change enablement team will develop personalized training materials for your organization. They will participate at your desired level in leading the training, education, and change management. We understand the importance of managing change in your organization, and will work with you to ensure the roll out goes smoothly, the product gets adopted and teams feel happy and supported.

Please list your top 3 retailers which currently offer your program offering on their online platform, identifying relationship details such as and not limited to duration of account management, degree of implementation, and actual successes in increased KPI metrics over the tenure of your relationship*

Refer to Zipline Retail Partner References pdf.

Please provide a simple matrix comparing yourself to your top competitors.  Matrix to showcase features/functions you have & how they compare to your competition. (Upload in Event Documents)*

Refer to The Zipline Difference pdf.

Follow-up Questions

Please indicate the customer profiles of your top 5 retail customers, the platform features implemented, duration of relationship, etc

Retail Zipline is a proud partner to a diverse portfolio of well-known household brands offering a broad range of products.
The following are 10 of our top customers in order of revenue.

  1. Nike, All 1200 North American locations, Task/Comms/More, in partnership 5 years
  2. Speedway, 5500 locations, Task/Comms/More,in partnership 1.5 years
  3. Rite Aid, 2500 locations, Task/Comms/More, in partnership 1 year
  4. Gap Inc., 3000 locations globally for all brands, Task/Comms/More, in partnership 6 years
  5. O'Reilly Auto Parts, 5616 locations, Task/Comms/More, in partnership 1 year

Please provide your top 5 retail customers who are of similar size and composition to BJ’s – for example, BJ’s has many departments within its footprint, and would be considered a multi-department retailer versus a specialty retailer

Based on our knowledge of BJ's wholesale, you operate like a big box discount specialty retailer. You optimize for the least amount of product touches, have general roles/responsibilities within the building, and profit from high volume sell-through. Other customers similar to this business model include Old Navy (value model and multi departments.) Hy-Vee and The Fresh Martket (multi department Grocery),O'Reilly Auto Parts (B2C and B2B business model) and Rite-Aid (bi-furcation of pharmacy/specialty focus and general retail)

Please provide collateral illustrating the usability of your platform from a multi-task perspective, how your platform parses tasks by dept, and summarizes tasks by department (Please note store view versus task-editor view)

Targeting information is exactly what Zipline was built to do for retail. Every user in Zipline has their own personalized view by brand, role, store type, or region, etc. We support stores within the context of how they work by eliminating distractions and unnecessary communications, and giving them only the information they need, formatted in one centralized version of the truth to support reading context, doing context, and planning context.

We consider our Flexible Hierachy to be one of our leading differentiators. Zipline’s unique hierarchy + targeting capabilities means every store & user only has access to what they need, without sifting through irrelevant information. Leveraging the flexible hierarchy system, your teams view what you want them to have access to. Our logical unit for hierarchy and targeting of communication is the team. An individual can be part of one or many teams or brands. Teams can supervise any other team, barring loops, and your organization defines teams.

We support this in two different ways. You can set up a data integration where we receive a file from your Headquarters team via email or SFTP on a cadence that makes the most sense for your organization or your HQ team or roles that you designate with authority can access the Retail Zipline Support team and ask for these changes to be handled when a more expedient change is needed.

We have provided videos to show how this is achieved. Please refer to email attachments.

Please indicate a timeline and resources needed to complete a pilot

Whether you're ready to move fast or want to take things a little slower, we're ready to support and work at a pace that matches your own. From a technical perspective, our team can get your site set up within a matter of days/weeks with a few key details from you, like login criteria and field hierarchy files. On the people side, we provide project and change management guidance to your team to ensure this rollout is your smoothest one yet. We help you understand current processes and define new ones optimized for working in Zipline, host training and share best practices to get your publishers up and running, and partner with you on field training.

Typically we see customers launch all products within 8-10 weeks. An example of a typical implementation was the global roll-out of Zipline for all Gap Inc brands. This was inclusive of 11 Brands in 9 languages. The Gap IT team spent less than 100 IT hours in one calendar month. This enabled next day store execution to increase from 25% to over 90% with Zipline. “Integrating Zipline into our systems was fast and easy – which rarely happens at a company of our size. [It] allowed us to stand up features like SSO and an innovative provisioning model (to name a few) in a matter of days – not weeks or months.”
- Senior PM, Store Tools and Omnichannel, Gap Inc.

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Our greatest reward is how much our customers love using Zipline. Our last NPS survey revealed an NPS score of 71 on a scale of -100 to 100. That’s unheard of in SaaS.

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