Foster productivity and create a seamless experience for your hourly workforce.

Connect your WFM platform to Zipline to give your employees a better schedule and timeclock experience.

WFM solutions are notoriously complex and often difficult for hourly employees to navigate. But with Zipline as your employees’ front end experience, your entire distributed workforce can benefit from schedule insights at a moments’ notice. Businesses can confidently comply with regulations thanks to added assurance that employees are clocked in correctly.

Bring schedule data into the Zipline dashboard, so Managers can see who is currently working, who’s scheduled, and when their shifts start and end – all without leaving the sales floor. Zipline’s clock-in/clock-out integration enables your hourly employees to clock in and out of their shifts, right from the Zipline interface. Disable hourly employees’ access to Zipline content and features when they are off the clock using Zipline’s Clock Content Control.

See how Zipline can retool your retail.