Democratize your data in a way that benefits c-suite operations and customer-facing employees.

Easily pull Zipline’s readership and execution data into an existing solution where your other operational data already lives.

Technology is transforming virtually every aspect of retail, from how brands acquire customers to how payments happen in stores. But with so many disparate technology silos within retailers’ IT ecosystems – standalone point-of-sale systems, fraud detection systems, and critical back-office systems like employee scheduling – making sense of these analytics can be daunting.

Zipline’s integration capabilities can help you deliver data to the people who need it. Securely bring data out of Zipline and into your existing third-party BI tools to get a complete picture of what’s happening in the field. Or, integrate Zipline workflows with your third-party BI tools to deliver actionable communications, automatically.

See how Zipline can retool your retail.