Hi Mattress Firm team!

We’re excited to be coming on site at Bed Quarters for a meeting with you at 2:30PM Central on Tuesday, June 7th!

We wanted to share some quick digestible resources in advance of our time together, and if we mutually agree there’s a potential fit, hope that you’re keen to continue your discovery of Zipline beyond our meeting.

We’re proposing the following agenda that we can build upon to modify based on your feedback. Please feel free to contact me in advance with your thoughts, feedback, or questions and I’d be excited to follow up. If there are any points of note that you’d love to cover while we’re on location, please let me know.

In attendance from the Zipline team will be:

  • Amyra Rand – SVP Sales
  • Nick Coughlan – VP Enterprise
  • Eduardo Figueroa – Business Development


  • Introductions
  • Why Brands Choose Zipline
  • Solution Overview
  • How Brands Test Zipline
  • Questions

Best Regards,
Nick Coughlan – [email protected]