Addendum: (09/12/2022) Hi team! please see below the requested audit demos. We look forward to your feedback.

Hi Mattress firm team,

We’re excited to be back at Bed Quarters for a demo which is hyper focused on your agenda.

I’m hoping you might have a chance to digest these 3 quick items in advance of our time together.

Your Zipline team presenting the meeting today is:

Nick Coughlan – Enterprise Sales Director

“I’ve helped over 40 brands develop business cases to join Zipline, Including O’Reilly AutoParts, Hy-Vee Grocery, and The Container Store. It’d be my pleasure to make introductions to current Zipline customers so you can learn how they scoped and implemented Zipline, positively impacting KPIs like profitability, and customer conversion”

Amyra Rand – VP Sales

“I joined Zipline because I’d never heard customers describe Enterprise technology with words like ‘Love’ in my career. Zipline drives user engagement and adoption. I’m here as a resource to help you understand why we’ve never lost a customer, replaced almost every competitor in the space (including brands like Reflexis, Microsoft, Yoobic, Opterus) and have off the charts customer satisfaction NPS scores”

Simonne Spencer – Solutions Expert

“I’m a Retail Communications Alumni which is why I’m so passionate about helping retailers create accountability, and drive engagement. I’ve helped socialize Zipline at major brands like Rite-Aid, Bed Bath & Beyond and 7-11. I’m looking forward to showing you Audits, Tasking and much much more, today”

Tom Bellerby – Solutions Architect

“I’ve worked in Retail Technology for over 30 years in both the provider and enterprise side. My role is to understand your enterprise systems and see how we can get the most out of your technology investment by creating operational efficiencies and paths to execution through the Zipline platform.”

Hello Bed Quarters Team, From Zipline CEO & Co Founder Melissa

4 Minute video greeting to your team, from our Chief Customer Officer Deri McCrea

Supply Chain New DC Process Standards Audit

Period 11 Inventory Audit

New In-House Driver’s Audit

Hy-Vee Video Case Study