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Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Intranet for Retail
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Task Management
User Friendly
We built an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Retail Zipline’s desktop & mobile apps are easy for anyone in your organization to use – no training necessary. Oh, and your employees don’t need a company email address to access Zipline!
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Easy Implementation
Fast implementation and minimal friction mean successful user adoption and a light workload for your IT department. Getting Zipline up and running in your organization takes weeks, not months (or years!)
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Day Sheet
With the Day Sheet, your store leader gets a summary of all of the day’s tasks that need to be completed. It’s like a daily checklist for all of the stores’ tasks and workload + extra features like customizable store-specific to-dos and a notes section.
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Combined Task Management & Communications
We believe communication is the backbone of execution. We believe that when employees understand what they need to do and why it matters, they can truly prioritize their work… (and get a break from drinking from the firehose.)
Mobile Solution
Zipline works on any mobile device (as well as 10-year-old back office PCs). The experience and functionality is exactly the same no matter how you access it. We’ve also created a super user-friendly interface for your frontline workers, too.
Drag & Drop Publishing
Sick of copy/pasting until your eyes bleed? Communicators at HQ can engage and educate field teams with easy-to-insert gifs, images, and videos, and multiple attachments – ultimately publishing better messages, faster.
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Instant Roll- Up Reporting Capabilities
With easy-to-use reporting, retailers can get a holistic view of how the entire fleet is performing and allow HQ to drill down into specific teams, compare performances from different time periods, or quickly view real-time readership and execution rates.
Resource Library
Zipline’s Resource Library makes it easy for associates to find exactly what they need, when they need it. Its a brand-able home for a store team’s live-long documents (like policy and procedure, best practices, performance review criteria, onboarding, marketing standards, training videos, etc). Target materials by role, store type, or region so everyone sees only what’s relevant to them. Plus, we built a search feature that ACTUALLY works.
Zipline’s Groups is a chat module that’s built for dialogue, discussion, and debate and helps close the feedback loop between HQ and stores. We built Groups to be simple, intuitive, and flexible so our customers can bring that capability into their enterprise and give teams what they want, but still maintain control.
Full API
We play well with others. If you’re already using something that works for you – that’s great. We will integrate.
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Designed for Retail, by Retail
Work with someone who gets you. We know retail firsthand, so we built our process to suit your business.
Exceptional Customer Support
Our greatest reward is how much our customers love using Retail Zipline. Our last NPS survey revealed an NPS score of 71 on a scale of -100 to 100. That’s unheard of in SaaS!
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