The Zipline brand typeface is Founders Grotesk, designed by Klim Type Foundry. Founders Grotesk is a contemporary amalgamation of classic grotesks. Millar & Richard's early 20th century Grotesque series provided rudimentary geometry, serpentine curves, and the narrow but welcome aperture of certain forms. Further details were inspired by H. W. Caslon's Doric series from the same era. These details are coupled with tight spacing strategies from Helvetica's Halbfett (Medium) headline-sized metal cuts from the late 1950s. Founders Grotesk is not intended as strict revival, it resolves the best details from the last century into a large family designed for modern typography.

Founders Grotesk Font

Secondary Font

In the event that Founders Grotesk is not owned or cannot be purchased, Zipline's secondary font is Public Sans. It is a strong, neutral typeface for interfaces, text, and headings developed by the United States Web Design System. This font should only be used in situations listed above, and Zipline's graphic design team should be consulted before doing so.

Public Sans Font

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Typography Underline

In larger instances of brand messaging headlines, the Zipline brand can employ a colored underling as a way to punctuate messaging and make use of typography more impactful. Do not use underlines on all headlines – use sparingly to provide the greatest impact. Use brand colors that enhance legibility – it is important to balance the color of the typography, background and underline so that they feel balanced and readable. The underline should be slightly thicker than the width of the letterforms, and should not extend too far past the line of text. If there is more than one line of text, the underlines should be aligned with each other.

Founders Grotesk Font