Asset: Retail Zipline enabled Parallel to open 39 stores during the pandemic

Press | April 30, 2021

Retail Zipline enabled Parallel to open 39 stores during the pandemic
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Cannabis retail conglomerate Parallel is making sure that its new store managers keep up with the buzz from corporate headquarters. Atlanta-based Parallel is a privately-held, vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis retailer operating banners including Surterra Wellness, New England Treatment Access, The Apothecary Shoppe, and Goodblend. In an exclusive interview with Chain Store Age, Tressa Dhiab, VP of sales, Parallel, explained how Surterra Wellness deployed the Retail Zipline communication platform to help open 39 stores across Florida during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, and continues leveraging it to connect stores and corporate headquarters. “Retail Zipline helped facilitate communications across Parallel’s leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed us to create a nimble and forward-thinking retail and operations strategy,” said Dhiab. “We selected the Retail Zipline platform to help streamline task management and enable efficient information sharing across our multi-state retail and operations network. As a result, store managers and field leaders were able to spend more time with associates and consumers to create exceptional cannabis wellbeing experiences at retail.”

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