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Zipline is the all-in-one field operations platform that powers the world’s largest and most innovative brands. By giving employees the information they need to execute to brand standards, Zipline streamlines a frontline employee’s daily work and brings them closer to their company’s vision, driving efficiency and execution across all locations.

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Your Questions Answered

In the comment function on a published task or messaging/chat feature, can a gatekeeper/admin delete a comment?

Yes, based on the publisher permissions a Publisher/Gatekeeper can delete a comment.

When the system flags a comment for inappropriate content, is the comment automatically deleted, or does it go through an approval process to be shown?

Zipline has a proven track record of the benefits of making information and communication accessible to a broader audience within an organization's ecosystem. If inappropriate commentary should arise, our system flags a comment as inappropriate, generating a report, and BBBY can tailor the action to the organizations' requirements.

Is the chat/messaging function available to all users? Can peer-to-peer chat be initiated, or is it only enabled based on the hierarchy (i.e., top down)?

Yes. The Zipline chat/messaging function can be made available for all users. BBBY can use our flexible hierarchy and set the permissions to control which groups of people can message and to whom. For example, BBBY may want to prevent store employees from initiating chats with HQ employees.

Does the platform still allow standardization of formatting even with the drag and drop feature?

Yes, your Publisher/Gatekeeper can create a standardized template that includes branding, headers, sections, and specific formatting to be shared with your business partner publishers and used with our Drag and Drop publishing—supporting standardization within the organization while also increasing the efficiency of the publisher by not having to reformat a communication before publishing.

Can you share more about flexibility/options for how surveys are designed? Are there multiple choice options, free text, etc.?

Surveys are designed to be a flexible and powerful way to gather information from the field. You can control how the survey behaves, who is supposed to answer it, how many times it can be answered, how it's scored, and whether there is a deadline for responses.

There are many question types, including:

  • Yes/no
  • Multiple choice (choose any)
  • Multiple choice (choose one)
  • Dropdown
  • Number
  • Short answer - text
  • Long answer - text
  • Photo or file upload
  • Signature
  • Check List

In addition, each type of question can optionally have an additional comment or images uploaded as part of the answer.

One of the favorite features of our publishing teams is the ability to create a multiple choice question where images are the options, which is great for things like "Which shelf format do you have at the entrance to the store?"

Are comments to a particular task able to be routed to a user group? Are they able to be routed to/viewed by a District Manager (for instance) or someone on the HR team if that was where the task or communication originated?

Yes, comments become part of a message/task, as such fully support the roll up visibility based on your hierarchy and the teams that were targeted for the communication.

Are there direct integrations possible with ServiceNow to create a task or alert for system-related issues?

Our GraphQL API enables you to create a task or alert and a complete feature set of capabilities enabled by the platform. We do not have an out-of-the-box connector for ServiceNow but are working with them to allow this integration.

For APIs, what are your best practices around token expirations?

We set token expiration based on your needs, and the best practice is that these tokens expire every 24 hours with a 6-hour refresh.

What type of ML/AI features do you have implemented?

Nothing available in the product today is powered by authentic machine learning. As a result, we haven't identified ML as a priority compared to the gains our customers experience based on the information we're already able to provide them with traditional data reporting. However, we are developing predictive analytics based on store execution and readership to help identify operational risks per store or employee level. The ultimate goal is to provide actionable insights to each individual in the organization to do small things that improve the operations of the store or stores they oversee. We will also be able to identify training and promotion opportunities to help grow your team's capacity.

Can the solution render properly on all devices based on the based on the device type?

Yes, the application is fully responsive and renders properly based on the accessed device. In addition, regardless of the device or whether it is accessed through a browser, or the Android/iOS application experience, people get to use the full product with feature pairity. Mobile is not a limited version of the product.

Does the solution have any auto scaling policy in place ?

We continually monitor our software and infrastructure to understand performance metrics such as request times, response times, throughput, and memory usage. These metrics are used to forecast changes in system performance. When forecasted usage exceeds capacity tolerances, changes to the infrastructure and software architecture are proposed, and the change management process is initiated. This helps us spot issues that would affect the performance and availability of the Zipline application before it affects our customers. In the rare event that auto-scaling is needed our application platform, Heroku supports auto-scaling; more information can be found here.

Does the solution support storing special language characters in database?

Yes, all application and infrastructure fully support special language characters. We currently support 15 languages including the below, but frequently add in other languages based on need:

  • en - English
  • fr - French
  • it - Italian
  • es - Spanish
  • ja - Japanese
  • da - Danish
  • de - German
  • ko - Korean
  • NL - Dutch
  • pl - Polish
  • en-GB - English (Britain)
  • es-MX - Spanish (Mexico)
  • fr-CA - French (Canada)
  • zh-TW - Chinese (Taiwan)
  • zh-CN - Chinese (Simplified)
Do you use any third party to certify the penetration testing?

Cobalt.io. performs a yearly structured penetration test. In addition, every time code is merged into the master branch, it triggers a static analysis using Code Climate to discover known vulnerabilities. Because our application is built using Ruby on Rails, we use the Brakeman plugin to search for security vulnerabilities. Every month a dynamic scan is performed using Tinfoil security. Tinfoil looks for common web application vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, CSRF, XSS, code injection, and insecure configurations. GitHub continually checks third-party dependencies for vulnerabilities. We have a HackerOne bug bounty program where independent researchers can request access to a Zipline organization of their own to look for vulnerabilities which may be awarded a payout depending on the accuracy and validity.

Do you support encryption of the data at rest?

Yes, AES 256-bit encryption at rest is used for all customer data stored by Zipline.

Is it possible to customize content/communications that users see based on store attributes (i.e. store size) and individual attributes (i.e, role)? For example, if there are 3 different size stores, can a user login be tied to one specific size store and merchandising specifications (POG sizes) for only that size store display on the platform?

Yes, using our flexible hierarchy system we can create teams based on specific attributes, as described. These teams can then be targeted for content/communications.

Do you have an option to preview the task/communications on mobile before publishing?

Yes, we know that previewing what's going down to the field in exactly the way it will be seen is important and that is why Ziploine makes full publisher capabilities available regardless of how the application is being accessed.

Can a user set an expiration date for a communications document and then be notified to review/revise the document on the expiration date?

This is not a feature we currently offer but is on our product roadmap. We would love to work with you to understand the requirements better and use cases to define this need and enable it within our platform to fit your needs best.

For your search capabilities, does it enable searching of an embedded file with a file?

We understand that search in retail is complex, and we have intentionally built our search functionality to save your teams time. Our search works across the entire platform and also scrapes PDFs for search terms. The search logic is: Title, Filename, Attachments, Body. Attachments within the Resource Library are indexed. This means our search will review the contents of a file/attachment and bring it up within search results. This includes common file types: PDFs, PPTX, docx.

Is voice to text enabled on your platform?

Voice to text can be done naturally from the native functionality of most mobile phones and computers. We use this frequently today already and allow that functionality to be used in Zipline. However, if you're looking for something more in-depth we would love to work with you to understand the use cases to define this need.

Can you provide more details around your capabilities to limit or not limit content depending on if a user is onsite vs. offsite?

With Zipline, you can provision content and modules by user onsite versus offsite. For example, Corporate HQ or Field Leaders can access Zipline from the road or home. Also, we offer an optional Clock Content Control feature that restricts store employees' access to (certain) content based upon selected criteria [example: EE's who are not clocked in for work]. Once we have integrated with your Clocking system, not only are your associates able to clock from within Zipline, but your organization can restrict access to communications as you see appropriate, for example, not showing "task-based" communications when off the clock. The various parts of the platform can be enabled or disabled based on your organization's requirements.

How many hours of training are estimated to be needed for an admin role? For a typical end user (e.g., store associate)?

Zipline makes training easy and effective. Our approach is (hands-on for the publishers and customized to the brand) and self-guided for the store user. Publisher Training takes Sixty minutes to complete on average and includes an optional 30-minute add-on for Resource Library (90 minutes total) and less than 15 minutes for the store user. Because our solution is intuitive, we spend less time on how-to and more time sharing best practices. Your Account Manager will work with your team to define the best plan for you.

Is there a way to set certain dates of the week as publish dates?

Based on best practices and our bundling capabilities, we fully support publishing on a cadence that best suits your organization, including specific publishing dates and times.

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